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Tuesday, 11 September 2007 09:44

The phenomenon of open source software and the related areas of open formats and information access and sharing is proving to be much larger than its origins as a specialist niche could have led us to suppose.

Furthermore, it's rich of potential cultural ramifications that go beyond the limits of the field of computer science. The many social aspects involved include the circulation of knowledge the freedom of disseminating scientific knowledge and the debate on issues relating to copyright protection.

Moreover, computer use by the population is so widespread that any intervention in the public administration to improve availability to the public of documents or data as extensive implications. In particular, the issue of open formats will have an impact on the relationship between the public administration and the public, stimulating a culture of shared information. In general, the OSS paradigm has cultural implications that cannot be reduced to a mere technological fact. This cannot fail to have a significant impact on the relationship between OSS and education, at both school and university level.

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