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Software in school

Software resources management and its use according to the law is one of the responsibility of school principals.

It's useful to be aware of all the products available, to take advantage of proprietary software education licenses reserved to school or to consider the option of usi free software and Open Source software

There is a wide debate about Linux operating system.

Open Source software is widely used in private and public sector and in school. The idea of software for free (freeware) is completely different from free software. Free software is a complex phenomenon and has many facets involving: technology, culture, ideology, business and development model. To delve into this issue we must describe different software types, in order to understand different licenses

A comparison between free software and proprietary software shows a “reversal” of many ideas. Instead of copyright there is "copyleft" .

The use of the Opensource paradigm involves advantages but also disadvantages. It's good to know both in order to make a conscious decision according to every single school's needs. For this purpose we offer detailed tests of Opensource applications and distributions made by teachers and especially focused on use at school.

STAR OFFICE 7.0 (2004)
STAR OFFICE 5.2 (2001)
OPEN OFFICE 1.1 (2004)
ITALC (2007)
LINUX DEBIAN 3.0 (2003)
RED HAT (2004)
MANDRAKE 9.0 (2003)
EDULINUX 0.9 (2001)

Migration from one technology platform to another is a critical process for any organisation. Adoption of Open source software in school involves migration of software and data. This constitutes a change inoperating system, over to Linux, or a change of application programs or office automation suites. In order to migrate from one Office Automation suite to another (i.e. from MS-Office to Open Office) in a school it is vital to manage main proprietary formats, to exchange files with others and open formerly created files.

To make this task easier to schools we have made portability tests. In this section we want to test the portability of files created with a given Office Automation suite and opened with different ones. We have checked portability between MS-Office2000, StarOffice7.0 and OpenOffice1.1, using also different operating systems.

Software re-use means use in another application source code created for an application. Open source code supports content transmission to every one and so it has great advantages for reusability.

Computers get old very quickly. Even existing hardware, usually considered obsolete, can be useful.

A convention Sun-MIUR granted free diffusion of Star Office package in school.

Osservatorio Tecnologico's task is not to make decisions on behalf of schools, who are free to choose what they see fit for their needs. We want to supply data and insights and to make finding and accessing such information easier.

The final choice will always be made by teachers.

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