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Local area networks

Often called LAN (Local Area Network), they are essential for any kind of cooperating activity.

The quality of a network is determined partly by its tecnology, partly by the effectiveness of its design to meet user's needs.The school's educational activities and internal organisation are based also upon its own LAN.

The design process of a local network begins defining the user's needs and its network's dimensions.

The realisation turns the needs into reality: i.e. multimedia classrooms.

To ensure that this design process will work properly, shared acces policies and a managing and servicing strategy have to be defined in a local network prior to its realization.

Examples of excellence are helpful for schools, they give tips and ideas to improve the school's own local network. Every year, to collect experiences from all the schools, OTE sends a questionnaire to be filled in on-line.

So "Best Practices" in school LAN are identified and published to be available to all schools who want to put into practice -in different environments- experiences produced by the most advanced schools.

Moreover, all data from the on-line questionnaire are processed and synthesized in a yearly data report

As support resources for LAN design, we offer:

  • A contribution on the subject of LAN Security
  • A Glossary of words to promote a shared technological vocabulary
  • Several Handbooks supplied by companies
  • Finally, a section on skill shortage and the activities of certain schools
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