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Internet communication on Web is one of the main issues for knowledge transmission in school. Usability and accessibility are main features schools must consider when creating and on-line publishing a web site. Some examples of accessible school websites can be a starting point to build a real web culture in school.

Whatever the subject has to be published on the Web, these four crucial points have to be considered:

  1. Communication mode and knowledge representation including how knowledge is logically represented
  2. styleguides to make communication clear and effective (suggestions on how to organize text, images, animations appropriately to be read on the screen and not on paper);
  3. The information format to be accessible to everybody (rules to make information immediately available, regardless of the kind of computer and software used and the disability of the reader);
  4. Technical means to implement (which software tools are best suited)and the international policies.


To guarantee Safe internet navigation for children is a very important issue



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