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Thursday, 13 September 2007 10:01

Acceptable use policy define a group of clearly stated rules that all students must follow when using Internet in school.

These policies are meant not only to punish improper use but also to instruct (especially non-expert teachers). The following issues are concerned:

  • privacy,
  • freedom of expression
  • plagiarism
  • identification
  • permitted behaviours
  • moral and ethics
  • legal agreements
  • harassment
  • use of resources

This policy should be stated in the School Regulations, usually distributed to all students at the beginning of term, also to be acknowledged by their famillies. It should be available in labs and others Web access points (libraries, classrooms, specialized areas) and on the school website. Finally, it should be reminded and explained by operators during activity on the Web.

It's suitable that an agreement on that policy should be signed by students or employees when they are granted an individual internet account by the school.

This policy on Web use should extend to all of the school staff, (technical or administrative). All of them, in the future, are going to use the Web more and more.

When a policy on the Web use has been established, that all users are to comply with, it must be disseminated inside the school in more than one format.

To enforce policy effectiveness, there must be penalties for breaking the rules. Penalties include: a simple, verbal warning for the first violation, followed by denial of access for a period of time.

Repeated violations can result in a final expulsion from Web access. If the violation involves illegal activities, civil action may be taken by the institution against the student to recover losses.

Generally speaking, because prevention is better than cure, definition of clearly stated rules is a good way to grant unperturbed work.

In "Internet access, usage and policies in colleges and universities" by Robert A. Jr. Fleck, Tena McQueen you will find an essay on the policy issue

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