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Security in Local area networks

Due to the massive use of ICT in school the need for new responsibilities and new professionals has become evident.

School principals, now becoming Education Managers have more responsibilities and cannot ignore policies and rules concerning Internet connected LAN.

The problem of computer safety in school is not as bad as in corporations, but it cannot be underestimated; identification hardware tools like smartcards or firewalls are increasingly being used, also in school.

Rulers cannot ignore problems and solutions related to security or identification of computer system users. This topic involves many different issues.

A general overview of related issues:

  • Shared policies for web use: policy;
  • Rules for access to the Net (Meaning both Local Area Network and Internet);
  • Possible strategies to avoid improper use of Internet;
  • Privacy in technologic instruments utilisation and all related topics;
  • Antivirus applications to minimize virus damages (antivirus management);
  • Applications to minimize the risk of unwanted external intrusions (Firewall):
  • Applications to reduce recover time in case of system crash (Data backup system)

A distinct issue is “Safe Surfing” and minors protection on Internet.

We begin here with some introductory notes on the issues listed above.

1 Sicurezza informatica e tutela della privacy
2 Sicurezza informatica
3 Contromisure in caso di crash
4 Firewall
5 Virus
6 Analisi dei rischi
7 privacy
8 Improper use Internet access
9 Web access rules
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